RMMV HPDS Throwable Plugin Backwards Compatibility

Recently, I was contacted by a junior developer with an issue regarding the HPDS Throwable plugin. The developer stated,

[…] seeing your “HPDS Throwable” plugin, I really enjoyed it, but because I have an older version of RMMV, I can’t use it in my project.

He wasn’t very specific on any of the issues that he was having, but he did further ask,

[..] if you [I] could send me a version of your RMMV 1.4.0 compliant plugin.

I have since agreed to come up with some sort of solution for the developer for several reasons. First, Jesus Christ tells me to do it because of his will! Its fun to do things for people. Work me to death, please. All in the name of Jesus Christ, of course. Second, positive exposure is always a good thing. God knows that I need it! Video games appear to be the MOST interesting aspect of technology in my opinion. At least, the most popular aspect of technology. However, I would think “interesting” and “popular” synonymous in my own opinion. Then again, I haven’t looked at any sorts of numbers, so be careful of feeling as though I’m wrong.

Third, the developer is international, and that intrigues me for some reason. Also, I’m getting much better at my style and documentation and so forth. This article is part of the process of the development of the HPDS Throwable plugin! I’ve set up a few systems to further organize my own development and I’m using them as part of my whole process. I find it all very exciting. I’ve been so sloppy for so long; it really is a disturbing state of affairs in this server room. Anyway, enough with the pleasantries and on to the formalities!

Issue: HPDS Throwable Plugin v1.1.0 does not work in RMMV v1.4.0

At the start of the issue, I saw that I was using RMMV v1.6.2 when I first developed the plugin. In order to change the RMMV version to begin investigating the issue, I had to turn to Steam.

How to Change RMMV Version in Steam

I found out that I could change the RPG Maker MV version in Steam. You could too if you followed these instructions as of August 1, 201.

When logged into your Steam account, click on the Library tab and then the Software tab. This will show you your RPG Maker MV software. This is, of course, assuming that you own RMMV. Right click on the RPG Maker MV and choose ‘Properties’. In the properties menu, you can click on a tab called ‘Betas’.

Here, I was able to opt into RMMV v1.4.1. I started up RMMV and checked the ‘About’ page and found that I now had the proper version to start investigating the issue.

Investigating the Issue

Now that I was ready to see for myself what was happening, I opened up Visual Studio Code. I installed the plugin on a brand new project and started the game. I turned off all of the plugins that come pre-installed, and I made sure that HPDS_Throwable was the plugin turned on. With no other changes, the game worked just fine.

The next step is to create an object and throw it. I created an event, set a rock as the image, and typed <throwable:3> into the note space. By itself, this is enough to get the plugin working. I started the game, and had no issues. The plugin was working as expected.

I even added a sound effect by adding the tag <se:Jump1> in the note. The sound effect played as expected and I was unable to reproduce any issues that prevented me from using the HPDS Throwable plugin in RMMV v1.4.1 when it is used as a standalone. Therefore, I must conclude that any issues that would prevent a developer from using the plugin are due to additional plugins.

Accordingly, I need more information from the developer that initially contacted me regarding an issue.

In Conclusion

The HPDS Throwable Plugin works as expected even in RPG Maker MV (RMMV) v1.4.1. This is assuming that the HPDS_Throwable plugin is the only plugin installed, and the project is blank. The issues that the junior developer that contacted me was having could not be reproduced without further information regarding additional plugins that are likely interfering with the plugin in question.

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