HPDS Jump Plugin for RPG Maker MV

HPDS Jump Plugin for RPG Maker MV

I decided to release a plugin for RPG Maker MV (RMMV). This page will introduce the HPDS Jump Plugin. I find that the RMMV system can be a useful tool. It allows a developer to make large and complex video games using a graphical interface. The developer is also free to introduce plugins that can completely alter the standard feel of the RMMV environment.

In addition to creating video games using commands from the graphical interface, a developer can use script calls, and even introduce new code to the RMMV JavaScript library. Inheritance within the library uses the prototype chain very well; it becomes very easy to overwrite portions of the existing library, or introduce objects that inherit from therein.

The Need to Jump

I have used RMMV in projects before and decided that I wanted to deviate from the standard gameplay and add the ability for the player to jump. There is already a jump function written into the existing library that allows the player to jump. There are even functions to check if the player is already jumping and adjusting the jump height.

However, in order to allow the player to actually jump, some coding has to be done. RMMV’s gui allows a developer to make the player jump using the event system. Though, this is very limiting because the player can only jump when triggering an action which would have to be added by the developer. In order to allow the user to press a button and jump whenever they desire takes a bit of coding to accomplish.

Hence, I have created the plugin and put it into the public domain.

It can be found here. Also, on Github.


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