How to Install New Fonts in Ubuntu 18.04

A screenshot of Google Fonts.

How to Quickly Install New Fonts in Ubuntu 18.04

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for a way to install new fonts in Ubuntu 18.04 system. Perhaps, you are a graphic designer that needs a program such as Gimp or Inkscape to load a new font.

This article will show how to install new fonts in Ubuntu 18.04. I will use a Google font for demonstration purposes.

Google Fonts

Google has fonts that you can download and install on computers and or websites. They are called Google Fonts.

A screenshot of Google Fonts.
A screenshot of Google Fonts.

At the Google Fonts website, you can search through many available fonts and then download them for your own uses. You can add a font to your collection by clicking on the “+” sign in the upper right hand corner.

When you have selected fonts, you will see a selection area near the bottom of your screen. After you’ve selected a font (or multiple fonts), you can download them to install on your system.

Make a selection to install new fonts in Ubuntu.
Make a selection to install new fonts in Ubuntu.

When you download Google Fonts, you’ll download a zip file containing the selected fonts.

Installing the New Font

After you’ve downloaded the zip file, you’ll want to unzip the fonts. For this demonstration, I will be using the GUI Nautilus file manager.

Two Locations to Install Fonts

After you’ve unzipped the new font, you can decide to install the font for the whole system or for only your user account.

Install System Wide

Ubuntu 18.04 makes it easy to install a font system wide. After you’ve unzipped the file downloaded from Google Fonts, you’ll find a .ttf file. By default in Ubuntu 18.04, fonts can be installed by viewing the file and clicking the “Install” button located on the top right hand corner.

Install for User Account

You can install new fonts for your user account only by storing the font files in a folder called /.fonts in your home directory. In the image below, I have unzipped a font file that was downloaded from Google Fonts directly to the ./fonts folder in my home directory.

Font Now Installed

You have now installed your new font. If you installed the font system wide, every user that logs into the computer can use it. However,, if you’ve installed it in the ./fonts directory through your user account, only your account will have access to the font.

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